Who we are

Consistency and quality.
More than 75 years of experience.

Since 1945 we have been involved in the manufacture of natural lime NHL and natural cement. The two product ranges are in favour of traditional, sustainable and healthy construction.

Over the years, we have seen a number of chemical cement manufacturing industries grow. These were displacing dozens of Spanish enterprises dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of lime and natural cement due, in large part, to the greater resistant characteristics their products could offer.

However, on many occasions, the use of natural lime NHL and natural cement has been maintained for restorations and refurbishments of historic buildings in order to preserve the fidelity of their origin.

Over time, both products have demonstrated greater durability and conservation of these buildings, which have once again revolutionised the way in which they are built.

Today, natural products resurface again with force. The natural hydraulic lime NHL is being re-imposed in the new works to ensure the air quality of buildings. The natural exchange of water vapour between the interior and the exterior of the building that our products offer guarantees the health of the building and the people who live there.

Cementos Natural Tigre

Our trajectory



The Cemento Natural Tigre factory, located in Cervera, Spain, dates back to 1945. At the time, Mr Francisco Carulla Casanelles is acquiring a cement manufacturing company and natural hydraulic lime, the beginnings of which date from the end of the 19th century, and is refining its manufacturing at a high point in the sector, entering into competition with numerous companies in the province.



In 1960, the company passed into the hands of the founder's nephew, Jaume Carulla Casals, who would continue the production of cement and natural hydraulics by incorporating new technologies to meet market requirements until early 2009.



Today, 3rd and 4th generation, we merge experience and innovation to continue offering the best solutions for more sustainable and healthy construction, with the highest quality assurance. We were the first company at state level to obtain the CE certificate of our NHL Waterways and we continue to devote ourselves exclusively to the integrated manufacture of NHL Natural Sciences and Natural Waterways, as well as of mortars and products derived from their manufacture.